Top Quality Papain Enzyme Bromelain Meat Tenderizer For Sale

Product description

Product Name :Papain Enzyme
Part: Fruit & Seed,
Model: papain enzyme powder
Specification: 10-100 million u/g
Appearance: Light white fine powder
Active ingredient: Papain
source: Papain


1. To free movement of the bowels
Papaya enzyme can enhance the function of gastrointestinal digestion and assimilating nutrients and help to free movement of the bowels. Papaya enzyme also have the function of treating constipation
2. To lose weight
Papaya enzymes has the ability of hydrolyzing fat, it could resolve fat into fatty acids which is beneficial to have a slender figure.
3. To whiten skin
Papaya enzyme can promote the metabolic process of skin, help dissolve sebum and aged cutin that accumulated in pores to make skin smooth, white and tender. Papaya enzyme can also reduce acne and repair the dermal layers of the skin.


healthy food,
daily food& beverages

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