Aogubio supply high quality cosmetic raw masterial Ectoine

Aogubio supply high quality cosmetic raw masterial Ectoine

In 1985, Professor galinski discovered the desert halophilic bacteria in the Egyptian desert. Under the environment of high temperature, dry, strong UV irradiation and high salinity, it will produce a natural protective component in the outer layer of the cell – ectoin, so as to start the function of self repair; In addition to the desert, the fungus is also found in saline alkali land, salt lake and sea water, which can give a variety of stories. Etoin comes from Halomonas elongata, so it is also called “salt tolerant bacteria extract”. Under the extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature and high ultraviolet radiation, ekdoyne protects halophilic bacteria from damage. Studies have shown that ecdolin also has a good repair and protection effect on the skin. It is one of the bioengineering preparations used in high-grade cosmetics.

Aogubio can supply the Ectonie,it’s name a also called 4-Pyrimidinecarboxylic Acid or Ectoin.

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Plant extracts in ectoin for more say again “salt-tolerant bacteria extract”, is a high-quality cosmetics raw materials, mainly comes from high halophilic bacteria (Halomonas Elongata), in high salt, high temperature, high uv radiation under extreme conditions, according to many because of the halophilic bacteria from harm. It has two big main functions, the following details for you:1, repairIn accordance with g for more can effectively promote skin cells of the immune protection ability, increase cell repair ability, make the skin can be effective against the invasion of microbes and allergens.

Aogubio can supply the Ectonie.Experiments show that: in accordance with g for can more against uv damage to skin, repair cells DNA damage caused by uv light. Due to relieve skin all kinds of pressure: uv damage, dry environment caused by skin aging, skin deterioration caused by the surface active agent, etc., in accordance with g because as cell repair additives attention more, against skin aging, for the purpose to add in cosmetics.2, moisturizingMore in accordance with g due to ensure high halophilic bacteria in the high salt environment not dehydration of death. Maintaining osmotic balance of important material, its unique molecular structure, make it has a strong water molecule complexing ability, for more than a molecular in g can be complex, four or five water molecules can make the free water inside the cell structure. During application, e. g because can make the skin more moisturizing water-holding capacity continues to improve, water-holding capacity after stopping the skin will not drop immediately, water-holding ability to disable a week after the skin is still higher than the control group. Is a very good moisturizer.Due to plant extracts in g for more can alleviate the pressure of the all kinds of skin: uv damage, dry environment caused by skin aging, skin degradation phenomenon caused by the surfactant, so many high-end cosmetics are one of the biological engineering preparation.

Ectoin is widely used in daily chemical products. Because it is mild and non irritating, has Max moisturizing power and no greasy feeling, it can be added to various skin care products, such as toner, sunscreen, cream, facial mask liquid, spray, repair liquid, cosmetic water, etc.Aogubio supply Ectoin also can used for these.

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