Chaga Mushrooms: Fun Facts You Should Know

Chaga Mushrooms: Fun Facts You Should Know

Aogubio supply Chaga Mushroom is a non-toxic fungus from the Hymenochaetaceae family and has various medicinal qualities. The word “Chaga” comes from the Russian word for mushroom (derived from czaga). Chaga is not a mushroom; rather, it’s a hardened mass of mycelium; another term for Chaga Mushrooms is Sclerotium.

1.Aogubio supply Chaga is not a mushroom, though it is often included in mushroom books and referred to as Chaga Mushroom.  Rather, it is a hardened mass of mycelium (the underlayer of growth that produces mushrooms).  The proper term for this hardened mass is Sclerocium, and the plural is Sclerocia.  See, that’s fun to say, isn’t it?

2.Aogubio supply Chaga grows exclusively on Birch trees.  Other trees have similar looking growths, and mostly those are Burls.  Burls are an abnormal growth that is covered by bark, often caused by an injury or a virus.  Chaga starts growing in the heart wood of the tree, and slowly pushes its way out through the bark.

3.We don’t eat the chaga – it’s much to hard and woody.  We simmer the chaga chunks or powder for a long time and then drink the ‘tea’.  It tastes like coffee, but much smootherand it strengthens one’s immune system and even has some cancer-fighting properties.

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