Food Grade Healthcare Supplement Mangosteen Extract powder

Food Grade Healthcare Supplement Mangosteen Extract powder

Product information

Product Name Mangosteen Extract powder
Appearance Brown powder
Specification Polyphenols 10%-30% ;Alpha-Mangostin 10%-90%
Shelf Life 2 years
Test Method HPLC
Brand Aogu Biotech
Place of Origin Shaanxi, China(Mainland)
Place of Origin 1kg/aluminum foil bag, 25kg/drum or as your requirements
OEM Service OEM bag/bottle is available with private label.

Product description

Mangosteen Extract Powder, colloquially known simply as “the mangosteen”, is a tropical evergreen tree, believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. The Purple Mangosteen belongs to the same genus as the other, less widely known, mangosteens, such as the Button Mangosteen (G. Prainiana) or the Lemondrop Mangosteen (G. Madruno). The main ingredients of Mangosteen is mangostins.


Mangosteen has been a part of traditional medicine in Asian countries for a long time. It’s a storehouse of essential nutrients. Essential for normal growth, development and overall nutritional status. Different parts of fruits and plants are used to treat various diseases and disorders.

Mangosteen is very rich in nutrients, including a variety of amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  1. Mangosteen fruit contains a special substance, which has the effect of reducing dryness, cooling and antipyretic. Its extract also has good anti-inflammatory activity.
  2. Mangosteen also has a certain effect on acne. It is easy to get hot and acne in summer. Mangosteen soup can have a good regulation effect on acne and dark skin caused by excessive nutrition and dry fire.
  3. Mangosteen is rich in dietary fiber, which can absorb water and expand, soften feces, strengthen intestinal peristalsis and promote digestion, so as to play a laxative effect.
  4. It can increase the body’s sense of fullness and help control weight, which is very suitable for people who lose weight.

XI’AN AOGU BIOTECH CO.,LTD is devoted into the research and innovation in natural nutritional supplements ingredients. Our own factory and lab with the strict quality control system to ensure quality stability and real price of Mangosteen. At the same time, we have our own source for the raw material to make sure the production ability.