Abstract of L-Cysteine:

aogubio supply l-cysteine is a proteingenic amino acid, which contributes toward a multitude of functions in biological systems. Cysteine is classified as a semiessential amino acid and can be synthesized in the liver from methionine, which is a sulfur-containing amino acid. This makes the abundance of methionine a critical factor to human health. As a building block, l-cysteine contributes 2% of the total structural proteins in the body in the form of connective tissue, cell membranes, and the myelin sheaths around neurons, structures, which protect neurons from oxidative stress and harsh environmental conditions. The stiffness of the connective tissue neutralizes heavy metals in the body. l-cysteine is a hydrophilic amino acid, possesses a thiol moiety which contributes toward its antioxidative properties, and has a high reactivity and affinity for heavy metals like mercury (Hg), leading to their excretion/detoxification from the body (Jan et al., 2015). It is given as a supplement in the form of precursor called N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC). The body synthesizes glutathione (GSH) from cysteine; the former is a powerful antioxidant, toxin/radical scavenger. Glutathione (GHS) stimulates the production of leukotriene which is a key element in the body’s defense system, inhibits inflammatory processes, and boosts the immune system. Studies have revealed that NAC can be helpful in treating many health problems like osteoporosis, acute respiratory diseases, and acetaminophen poisoning.

another nameH-CYS-OH; H-Cys-OH; CYSH; FEMA 3263; Cystein;L-Cysteine; E 920; L-Cys; CYSTEINE; (R)-2-Amino-3-mercaptopropionic acid; CYS; Thioserine;

Application of L-Cysteine:

1)Protection of the digestive system. Cysteine has been proposed as a preventive or antidote for some of the negative effects of alcohol, including liver damage and hangover. It counteracts the poisonous effects of acetaldehyde. Cysteine supports the next step in metabolism, which turns acetaldehyde into acetic acid.

2)Reducing the risk of stroke. Some studies suggest that consumption of certain amino acids, among which l-Cys, may be related to certain cardiovascular benefits, such as reduced arterial stiffness or reduced blood pressure, thereby fighting some risk factors related to vascular accidents in healthy women.

3)Strengthening of hair. Blends fortified with l-Cys help to strengthen hair. Keratin is one of the most abundant proteins in the skin and the hair, and contains high amounts of l-Cys as building blocks. l-Cys forms disulfide bridges, which provide strength and rigidity to keratin. Consequently, the use of blends fortified with l-Cys promotes the repair of structural lesions and slows down hair loss experienced by patients affected by certain disorders (diffuse alopecia, for instance.

4)Antioxidant role. l-Cys acts as a precursor for the synthesis of glutathione, which is an important antioxidant. The reduced form of glutathione plays a fundamental role in the defense of the organism against damage caused by oxidative stress . This property is due to its ability to neutralize reactive particles that can cause damage to cells and tissues. Thus, diet supplementation with l-Cys restores the synthesis of glutathione in cases in which it has been compromised, thus improving the redox balance and promoting the reduction of oxidative stress. In addition, the elimination of free radicals may also be associated with certain benefits, such as in the case of reduced healing time following certain surgical procedures (photorefractive keratectomy, for instance) . Besides, the antioxidant role of l-Cys is also related to reduced risk of a cerebrovascular accident and reduced noise-induced hearing loss.

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