Cooling agent WS-5

Product Description:

Cooling Agent WS-5 is the latest in a long line of cooling agents. Each have their own different ways of cooling different areas of the mouth and tongue and to different degrees. WS-5, unlike other cooling agents is not derived from menthol, but like its counterparts, it has no odour or flavour and just provides a cooling effect. It is not as strong as some of the other variants, however the cooling effect is smoother and more rounded.

Analysis Description Results
Color and appearance A reference substance of the same type conform
Odor A reference substance of the same type conform
Aroma A reference substance of the same type conform
Water ≤20% 0.071%
Aerobic plate count ≤30000 120
Escherichia coli group ≤15 3.6
Heavy metal(mg/kg) ≤10.0 <10.0
Arsenic(mg/kg) ≤3.0 <3.0


  1. Continuous and long lasting cooling and refreshing effect, having no hot, harsh and stinging sensation of Menthol and/or Peppermint.
  2. Heat-Resistance: Heating under 200oC will not reduce the cooling effect, suitable to use in baking and other high temperature heating process
  3. Its cooling intensity can maintain 15-30 minutes, enriching the refreshing of product and having no burning pain, stabbing and numbness, it’s cooler than traditional Menthol products.
  4. Low dosage: 30-100mg/kg dosage will give good cooling effect.
  5. Excellent compatibility with other flavors, it can enhance the effect of the flavors. It also can be combined using with other cooling agents.


  1. Daily use products: toothpaste, oral products, Air Freshener, skin cream, shaving cream, shampoo, sunscreen, shower cream…
    2. Food products: confectionery products, chocolate, dairy produce, beer, distilled spirit, beverage,Chewing Gum…
    3. Medicine: linctus, diminish inflammation ointment, dyspepsia, antipruritic, liniment, oral cavity acesodyne, heatstroke pill


1.WS series aren’t water soluble. so when you use it, it Can be dissolved in alcohol, propylene glycol and other solvents in advance, and then added to the aqueous solution, or first dissolved in essence, and then added to the product.
2.The reference dosage is 30-50mg/kg

3.WS-5 mainly acts on the roof of the throat, the base of the tongue.

WS-23 mainly acts on the roof of the Oral cavity and face.

You can mix WS-23 and WS-5 to use if need.

The Difference of Cooling Agent Powder
 WS-23   With mint aroma, it can burst in the month, strong impact on the month.
WS-3   It occurs slowly coolifeeling in the month, at the back of mouth and tongue.
WS-12   With Peppermint aroma, in the aral cavity explosive force is weak, enters the   throat place to highlight the cooling feeling, the advantage is the duration is longer.
WS-5   It has Peppermint aroma and highest cool flavor activity, acting on the entire   oral mucosa, throat and nose.
The cooling effect   WS-5>WS-12>WS-3>WS-23


25kg / drum; paper drum, 5kg / PE-bag; 1kg / PE-bag

Inner-Packaging filled in PE-bag, filled in second PE bag

PE Bags:food grade

Shelf life:

2 years when properly stored

Store at room temperature or lower, keep tightly closed,

protect from light, humadity and insects