Ferric Phosphate

Molecular formula: FePO• 3H2O

Molecular weight: 204.82

CAS NO.: 10045-86-0, 31096-47-6

EINECS NO.: 233-149-7

Appearance: Yellow-white powder.

Organoleptic: Odorless and tasteless.

Solubility: It is insoluble in water and acetic acid but soluble in inorganic acid.

Application: 1. Food grade: As iron nutritional supplement, it is widely used in egg products, rice products and paste products, etc.

2. Ceramic grade: As raw materials of ceramic metal glaze, black glaze, antique glaze, etc.

3. Electronic/battery grade: It is used in the manufacture of cathode material of Lithium iron phosphate battery and electro-optic material, etc.

Standard: It conforms to the requirement of FCC.

Items FCC
Iron assay   % 26.0~32.0
Loss on ignition  % ≤32.5
Fluoride (as F) % ≤0.005
Lead (as Pb)  % ≤0.0004
Arsenic (as As)% ≤0.0003
Mercury (as Hg) % ≤0.0003