Magnesium Taurate Powder

Product Name: Magnesium Taurine powder

Color:White powder

Product Description

Magnesium Taurine supports cardiovascular health; magnesium taurine helps support cardiovascular health by supporting the health of blood vessel walls and arteries. Magnesium taurine helps increase GABA, thereby promoting relaxation and sleep. Magnesium taurine is a combination of mineral magnesium and the amino acid derivative taurine. Magnesium is a mineral required by every cell in the body, and helps maintain normal cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, bone and cell functions. It is essential for heart health and normal blood pressure.

Items Specification
Appearance White powder
Magnesium(on dried basis) ,W/% ≥8.0
Loss on drying,w/% ≤10.0
pH(10g/L) 6.0~8.0
Heavy metals,ppm ≤10
Arsenic,ppm ≤1
Pb, ppm ≤3
As, ppm ≤1
Cd, ppm ≤1
Hg, ppm ≤0.1
Total plate count, cfu/g ≤1000
Yeast and Mold, cfu/g ≤100
E. Coli,/g Negative
Salmonella, /25g Negative
Particle size 90% passing 60 mesh


1. Promote infant brain and intellectual development;

2. Improve nerve conduction and visual function;

3. Help maintain and in some cases improve heart and cardiovascular function;

4. Improve endocrine status, enhance human immunity, and improve memory;

5. It has a good effect on liver and gallbladder.

6. Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects

7. Activate skin cells, provide fast and continuous energy and multiple protections for young skin;

8. Help relax and help sleep.