A nuclease is a nucleic acid that acts on a phosphodiester bond between hydrolyzed nucleotides in the first step of nucleic acid decomposition. It acts on phosphodiester bonds in higher plants and animals.
Nucleases from different sources have different specificities and modes of action. Some nucleases can only act on RNA, called RNase. Some nucleases can only act on DNA, called deoxyribonuclease (DNase). Some nucleases have low specificity and can act on RNA can also act on DNA and is therefore collectively referred to as nuclease. The nuclease can be further divided into an exonuclease and an endonuclease depending on the position of the action of the nuclease.

Sutherlandia is better known in South Africa under the traditional Tswana name of Phetola. The designation of phetola actually calls to attention to the nature of how sutherlandia is understood to work. Literally, phetola means to change, and sutherlandia is thought to initiate and power a gradual change that helps the body overcome any factor that prevents optimum function. A North Sotho name for sutherlandia also yields some insight into the function of the medicinal plant. Literally translated as “the spear for the blood,” lerumo-lamadi brings to mind a tonic that energizes the blood and restores a sense of well being and the ability to deal with any health problem.

It cooperates with deaminase for 5 – nucleotide (I + G) and high content of yeast extract production, further improve the yeast extract (I + G) in the content, improve flavor and rich products. Nuclease belongs to natural enzymes, protein, enzymes of foods like edible protein foods, no harm to human body.

Functions Of NUCLEASE

Nuclease has strong increase fresh, is a kind of valuable food increases fresh agent, because of nucleotides and amino acids material mixed use, will produce a single freshness agents cannot achieve the delicate flavors of the effect, and doubling freshness, namely synergies, used in the food has prominent main flavour, improve the flavor, restrain the function of the peculiar smell, nucleotide has synergistic effect to the sweet, meaty, at the same time to salty, sour, bitter, smell and xiaosha caramel flavour. So the nucleic acid enzyme in industrial production and nucleotide in seasoning foods such as yeast extract has an extremely important role in production.


Products Name :NUCLEASE/RNase
Appearance:White Powder
Specification:12000 u/g
Grade:Pharmaceutical; Food Grade