Sodium Ferric Pyrophosphate

Molecular formular: Na8Fe4(P2O7)• xH2O

Molecular weight: 1277.02

CAS NO.: 1332-96-3, 10045-87-1

EINECS NO.: 233-190-0

Appearance: White or brown-yellow powder.

Organoleptic: Odorless and slight smell of iron.

Solubility: It is slightly soluble in water. Iron exists in the form of complex, so it won’t lead to catalyze oxidation.


��It is chelated iron and iron exists in the form of complex. So it won’t catalyze oxidation.

��Light color, so the application scope is very wide.

��Good absorbency and high bioavailability.

Application: It is chelated iron and the color is white, so the application scope is very wide. As nutritional supplement, it is widely used in food, salt, health products, medicine, etc.

Items Specification
Iron assay   % 14.5%~16%
Loss on ignition  % ≤20.0
Heavy metals (as Pb)  % ≤0.002
Arsenic (as As)% ≤0.0003