Stearyl Alcohol


Description: Vegetable-based, highly refined fatty alcohol. White flakes / pastilles. Melting point 56 – 60°C (133-140F). HLB 15.5 (creates oil-in-water emulsions but only to a limited degree). Not water-soluble.

CAS: 112-92-5

INCI Name: Stearyl alcohol

  • Acts as co-emulsifier, skin conditioner, and superfatting agent
  • Has good thickening and stabilizing properties for all kinds of emulsions
  • Can be used as opacifier

Use: Melt before use (58°C/138°F) or add to hot water phase. Usual concentration 0.5-10%. For external use only.

Applications: Serums, creams & lotions, deodorants and other stick personal care products.

Country of Origin: CN

Raw material source: Coconut oil and vegetable oils

Manufacture: Stearyl alcohol is a mixture of the fatty alcohols 1-octadecanol, 1-hexadecanol and 1-eicosanol which are made by catalytic hydrogenation of the triglycerides obtained from vegetable and coconut oils and followed by oxidation of a chain growth product of ethylene oligomerized on a triethylaluminum catalyst.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: Not tested for GMOs

Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived component