The use of pituitary gland in carp

The use of pituitary gland in carp

The following is a kind of endangered fish (Schizothorax prenanti) we carried out in China to increase the rate of artificial insemination, including Schizothorax prenanti aphrodisiac, induction of labor, and insemination steps, for reference only:

(1) Aphrodisiac:

Choose healthy and mature Schizothorax prenanti and put them in the incubator in July to August.

The height of the hatching bucket is 180 ~200cm,

The water depth is 60 ~ 80cm,

The water temperature of running water is 9~15℃,

The amount of dissolved oxygen is 6-10mg/L.

The pH value is 6.5~7.5:

40 ~ 50 hours before spawning, the carp pituitary gland and distilled water are mixed evenly at a mass ratio of 1:50 ~ 70, and then injected into the pectoral fin roots of male and female Schizothorax prenanti. The injection volume of the mixture of carp pituitary gland and distilled water is the weight of the female. 2~3% of the fish. Male fish are 0.8-1.2% of their body weight. After injection, the male and female Schizothorax prenanti will be raised separately

(2) Induction of labor:

When it is observed that the genital pores of Schizothorax prenanti are slightly red or the fleshy spurs of the male Schizothorax prenanti’s mouth and the tail fins turn red, the Schizothorax prenanti pectoral fin roots are injected with oxytocin, the male broodstock is injected once, and the female broodstock is injected twice. 10~16 hours; the oxytocin fluid is made up of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and dimethanone maleate (DOM) in a volume ratio of 1:0.8 to 1.2. The injection volume of the oxytocin is 0.8 for the male broodstock body weight. ~1.2%, female Schizothorax prenanti is 1.8 ~2.4% of body weight; after injection, the male and female broodstock will be raised separately;

(3) Insemination:

When Schizothorax prenanti starts to lay eggs, fish eggs and fish sperm are collected immediately. The fish sperm and fish eggs are mixed in a ratio of 1.5-2:1 and then stirred with feathers in the basin. After half a minute, they are rinsed in clean water until all the eggs are The water is full and the epidermal semen mucus is completely absorbed.

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