The chemical name of the cooling agent WS23 is N,2,3-trimethyl-2-(1-methylethyl)butanamide or N,2,3.trimethyl-2-isopropylbutanamide.The English name is N,2,3-trimethyl-2isopropl butanamide. It is referred to as WS-23. Molecular formula: C10H21NO, molecular weight: 171.29. Its characteristics are refreshing, lasting, fresh, non-irritating spicy taste, no bitterness, and low dosage.

Application of WS-23

  1. Daily use products: toothpaste, oral products, Air Freshener, skin cream, shaving cream, shampoo, sunscreen, shower cream.
  2. Food products: confectionery products, chocolate, dairy produce, beer, distilled spirit, beverage,Chewing Gum.
  3. Medicine: linctus, diminish inflammation ointment, dyspepsia, antipruritic, liniment, oral cavityacesodyne, heatstroke pill.
  4. Others: cigarette, filter tip and other tobacco, it also can be used for driving insects.

What does WS-23 taste like?

AOGUBIO supply WS-23 is a cooling agent with little to no odor. Good for those who want a “cool or icy”flavor in their recipe, this offers a rounder and smoother taste than other cooling agents such as koolada or menthol. WS-23 usually does not alter the flavor of your recipe like other additives do.


  1. Continuous and long lasting cooling and refreshing effect, having no hot, harsh and stinging sensation of Menthol and/or Peppermint.
  2. Heat-Resistance: Heating under 200oC will not reduce the cooling effect, suitable to use on baking and other high temperature heating process.
  3. Its cooling intensity can maintain 15-30 minutes, enriching the refreshing of product and having no burning pain, stabbing and numbness, it’s cooler than traditional Menthol product.
  4. Low dosage: 30-100 mg/kg dosage will give good cooling effect.
  5. Excellent compatibility with other flavors, it can enhance the effect of the flavors. It also can be combined using with other cooling agents.


  1. Soluble in Ethanol/PG firstly, then adding water solution.
  2. Or dissolved in flavors firstly, then added into your products.
  3. Mixed with dementholized peppermint oil can increase the fragrance signally.