Factory Wholesale Pure Natural bulk sepiwhite

Factory Wholesale Pure Natural bulk sepiwhite

Factory Wholesale Pure Natural bulk sepiwhite
Specifications of Sepiwhite

Product Name: Sepiwhite Cosmetics/Food grade
Specification: Pure powder
Appearance: White fine powder
Active ingredient: Sepiwhite 99%
Free sampels : 5g for your test
The MOQ :100g

Product Description of Sepiwhite

Sepiwhite MSH powder  is a lipoaminiacid and is primarily an alpha-MSH antagonist and tyrosinase activity inhibitor.Alpha-MSH is a key regulator of melanotropin (skin pigmentation) while tyrosinase is an enzyme which is responsible for melanin production. Inhibition/reduction of these activities thereby results in skin lightening/brightening and the overall improvement of skin tone. IMAHERB BIOTECH is one of the professional and credible top quality Sepiwhite MSH powder for sale manufacturers, who is dedicated to produce the top quality organic products which is of great benefits to customers. If you want to know how to buy such products, welcome to contact us and we will offer you the best price.

Health Function of Sepiwhite

According to PGBeautyGroomingScience, “In vitro testing shows that undecylenoyl phenylalanine works differently than other topical ingredients for spot reduction. Currently, niacinamide and N-acetyl glucosamine work by interrupting the melanin synthesis pathway. Undecylenoyl phenylalanine works as an MSH (melanin stimulating hormone) antagonist, preventing the melanin synthesis from starting.” .Also can be used as nutritional supplement.

Applications of Sepiwhite

Cosmetic Grade Raw Material Natural 99% Sepiwhite is used in cosmetics and personal care products, specifically whitening formulas, to prevent skin cells from producing melanin pigmentation. Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine inhibits melanotropin, a melanin stimulator found in the skin. Melanotropin controls tyrosinase activity (tyrosinase being an essential enzyme in the production of melanin), melanin (eumalanin) synthesis and melanosome; therefore, by preventing the production of melanotropin, the pigmentation process is reduced or halted.







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