Inexpensive and high-quality fruit acid ingredients – lactic acid

Inexpensive and high-quality fruit acid ingredients – lactic acid

Lactic acid is also a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and it is also a skin care ingredient with a long history. For the history, please see another article on the True Charm blog: Interesting Talk about Fruit Acid and the Ancient Egyptian Princess.

Lactic acid is a substance in the human body, so its safety is not a problem. Lactic acid has a wide range of effects, from the food industry to the material industry. What Zhenmei blog wants to introduce is its application in the cosmetics industry.

The role of lactic acid, Zhenmei blog summarizes as follows:

Peeling: As a type of AHA, lactic acid also reduces the adhesion of desmosomes in skin cells, to speed up the shedding of the epidermis cuticle, increase the rate of epithelial cell metabolism, and promote the role of skin renewal. But the effect of this aspect is that glycolic acid is more powerful. The personal feeling of Zhenmei blog is that lactic acid has a stronger ability to exfoliate the surface aging keratin than glycolic acid, but because its molecular weight is larger than that of glycolic acid, its ability to penetrate into the skin is slightly worse than that of glycolic acid.

Whitening: Lactic acid has a whitening effect, can inhibit the activity of melanin, and has the effect of fruit acid peeling. In addition, it is much less irritating to the skin than glycolic acid. Therefore, using lactic acid for whitening is quite a good one. choose. In terms of open-shelf products, L’Oreal and Pond’s have some good products.

Moisturizing: Because lactic acid is a component of the natural moisturizing factor NMF in the skin, moisturizing is an important use of lactic acid in cosmetics. Generally, the neutralized lactic acid is used as a moisturizing ingredient, but unfortunately, this good moisturizing ingredient is also used by some large companies such as Johnson & Johnson, while some domestic companies use it for various reasons (the specific reasons will be written later). Some flashy, expensive moisturizing ingredients.

pH adjustment and hair care: Lactic acid is acidic, so it can be used in the cosmetic industry for pH adjustment. In addition, it has a certain repairing effect on the hair and can make the hair surface more shiny, so the shadow of lactic acid can also be seen in various shampoo and hair care products.

Good cosmetics do not necessarily need so-called high-end ingredients. Some low-priced ingredients can also develop good products, the key is to use these ingredients. And lactic acid is a powerful ingredient to achieve cheap and high-quality cosmetics.

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