Product Name Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
Specification 10% 30% 40% 50% polysaccharide & 10% 20%glucan
Heavy metal Pb
Sanitation standard Total plate count
Yeast & Mould 
E-Coli, Mites, Salmonella Negative/g.
Loss on drying ≤9%
Packaging kind Packaging spec.: 5kg/bag or 25kg/bag.

Inner material:Two layers plastic bag or aluminum foil bag.

Outer material: Cardboard drum or Carton.

Condition of reserve Airproof , 25°C,relative humidity within 50%
GMO Status These products are GMO free.
Allergen These products do not contain any allergen.
Irradiation These products have not been irradiated.
Additive These products without the use of artificial preservatives,flavors or colors.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Cordyceps sinensis is a mysterious and traditional chinese herb which is famous for its nutrient and restorative effect. Cordyceps sinensis has the character as the animal while at the same time as the plant.Cordyceps sinensis, the rare wild fungi drug, is always called king drug, whose function is much more than ginseng and hairy antler.According to the chemical analysis, Cordyceps sinensis contains fat, protein, fibre, carbohydrate , water, and cordycepin, cordyceps acid, polysaccharide, VB12 , etc.

Wild Ophiocordyceps sinensis is a rare and expensive Chinese herb. It consists of a caterpillar and a blade-like mushroom body growing from one end. Its common Chinese name is “Winter worm, summer grass”. Due to the high cost of this herb, the Chinese developed the mycelium of this mushroom and now grow it in liquid fermentation tanks. This pure mycelium product is known as Cs-4.

A large body of research has demonstrated that Cs-4 has a similar profile of active compounds and activities as wild Cordyceps. It is traditionally used for fatigue, general weakness, improved respiratory function and improved sexual function. It is currently used in many athletic performance products.

 Function of Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

1.Cordyceps sinensis has the function of anti- bacterium, reduce asthma, lower blood pressure and strengthen the beating of heart.

2.In public, people often add it into hen or duck soup which could strengthen body and is good for the renew of the sick people . 

3.Cordyceps sinensis polysaccharide can adjust immune system, reduce blood pressure, erase side effects after chemotherapy, reduce blood fat, anti-virus, protect lung, kidney tonic , strengthen human body etc.

Application of Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

  1. With the function of inhibiting and treating digestive system tumor.
  2. With the function of nursing back to health gastrointestinal symptoms that cause by mental stress and irregular diet.
  3. With the function of helping digestion, benefiting five internal organs and improving immunity.
  4. With the function of anti-cancer and treating Alzheimer’s disease.