Product Name Sparassis Crispa Extract
Specification 10% 30% 40% 50% polysaccharide
Heavy metal Pb
Sanitation standard Total plate count
Yeast & Mould 
E-Coli, Mites, Salmonella Negative/g.
Loss on drying ≤9%
Packaging kind Packaging spec.: 5kg/bag or 25kg/bag.

Inner material:Two layers plastic bag or aluminum foil bag.

Outer material: Cardboard drum or Carton.

Condition of reserve Airproof , 25°C,relative humidity within 50%
GMO Status These products are GMO free.
Allergen These products do not contain any allergen.
Irradiation These products have not been irradiated.
Additive These products without the use of artificial preservatives,flavors or colors.

Sparassis Crispa Extract

Sparassis (also known as cauliflower mushroom) is a genus of parasitic and saprobic mushrooms characterised by their unique shape and appearance. This appearance can be described as similar to a sea sponge, a brain, or a head of cauliflower, from which it has been given its popular name.

The generic name comes from the Greek sparassein meaning to tear.

 Function of Sparassis Crispa Extract

1.Sparassis crispa polysaccharide has anti-tumor effect.

2.Sparassis Crispa Extract has antioxidation effect.

3.Sparassis Crispa Extract can remove melanin.

4.Sparassis Crispa Extract enhance immunity.

5.Sparassis Crispa Extract improve hematopoietic function.

Application of Sparassis Crispa Extract

  1. Sparassis Crispa Extract can regulate body immunity.
  2. Sparassis Crispa Extract can dispel damp, tonify lung.
  3. Sparassis Crispa Extract can Protect eyesight, cure falling sickness.