Ferrous Lactate

Molecular formula: C6H10FeO6·3H2O

Molecular weight: 288.04

CAS NO.:5905-52-2

Appearance: light yellow green crystal or powder.

Organoleptics: with a slight touch of rust smell.

Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in hot water, and can`t dissolved in ethanol.

Character: 1. Ferrous Lactate is easily to absorb.

2. It is no stomach and intestine stimulate.

Application: It is widely used in food, beverage, dairy product, table salt, nutritive liquid, medicine, etc. It has significant effect in the prevention and cure of iron-deficiency anemia.


Item Specification
Assay % ≥96.0%
Loss on drying % ≤20%
Chloride % ≤0.1%
Iron��Fe3+��% ≤0.6%
Sulfate % ≤0.002
PH 5.0��6.0
Lead(as Pb) % ≤0.0001
Arsenic(as As) % ≤0.0001