Potassium Malate

Molecular formula: C4H5KO5

Molecular weight: 172.18

CAS NO.: 585-09-1

Appearance: white powder

Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in water, but not in ethanol.

Application: When used in tobacco, it can speed up the rate of tobacco combustion and reduce the emissions of tar, to achieve full combustion of tobacco. To some extent, it can increase the acidity of tobacco, improve taste and enhance flavor, reduce irritation and mixed gas. It is an ideal alternative for cigarette combustion. Besides, it is also used for food additive, sour agent, modifier and buffering agent.

Items Specification
Assay  % ≥98.0
Loss on drying  % ≤2.0
PH 3.5-4.5
Clarity Qualified
Heavy Metals (as Pb)  % ≤0.002
Arsenic (as As)  % ≤0.0002