1.Trehalose 98-100% Pure , Food Grade

2.Trehalose is a multi-functional sugar. Its mild sweetness (45% sucrose), low cariogenicity, low hygroscopicity, high freezing-point depression, high glass transition temperature and protein protection properties are all of immense benefit to food technologists. Trehalose is fully caloric, has no laxative effects and after ingestion is broken down in the body to glucose. It has a moderate glycemic index with low insulinemic response.

3.Trehalose, like other sugars may be used without restriction in a wide range of food products including beverages, chocolate & sugar confectionery, bakery products, frozen foods, breakfast cereals and dairy products.

Properties of trehalose

1. Low cariogenicity

Trehalose has been fully tested under both in vivo and in vitro cariogenic system, so it has substantially reduced cariogenic potential.

2. Mild sweetness

Trehalose is only 45% as sweet as sucrose. It has a clean taste profile

3. Low solubility and excellent crystalline

Water-solubility of trehalose is as high as maltose while the crystallinity is excellent, so it is easy to produce the low hygroscopical candy, coating, soft confectionery etc.

4. High Glass Transition Temperature

The glass transition temperature of trehalose is 120°C, which makes trehalose ideal as a protein protectant and ideally suited as a carrier for spray-dried flavors.


Trehalose Application

1. Chinese/Western-style dim sum

Moon cake (stuffing) Moisturizing, sweetness mild, significantly reduce the sweet and tired, anti-aging, to extend the product shelf life Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar20%—35%
Dessert stuffing (bean paste, etc.) Low sweetness, improved sweetness, extended shelf life, to prevent aging, moisturizing and prevent water outflow, get more tight stuffing Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar25%—50%
Western pastry (bread cake) Low sweetness, keep the texture soft, prevent starch aging, good taste, non-coloring, moisturizing and prevent moisture absorption, prolong the shelf life, increase the thermal stability; Trehalose accounts for 10% of total sugar – 30%,or Or by adding the amount of flour 3-8% to replace part of the sugar
ice cakes, dumplings, sesame seeds To prevent starch aging, the deposit can also maintain Q sense Trehalose accounts for starch  2%- 5%

2.  Candy snacks

Jelly, pudding Improve the taste, low sweetness, after eating no taste, stable gel, to prevent moisture absorption, to prevent browning Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 30%—40%
Toffee Low sweetness, improve the taste, improve the sense of cream About  5%
Crisp sugar To prevent moisture absorption, low sweetness, improve the taste, cover up the smell, enhance heat resistance, acid resistance For different purposes 1%–6%
Juice/Fudge Low sweetness, keep moisture, prevent moisture absorption Trehalose replaces 10% fructose syrup
Sugar tablets Low sweetness, as an excipient to prevent moisture absorption and improve taste 25%—100%
Chewing gum Low sweetness, diamonds, giving moisture sense, to prevent hardening, cover the smell Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 10%—25%
Chocolate Low sweetness, improve taste, keep flavor Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 1%–15%
Sugar-coated snacks Keep crisp taste, prevent moisture absorption, low sweetness, shiny, cover oil smell improve taste, inhibit protein denaturation, balance taste, increase grease Add 1 to 10% of the amount of raw materials


Solid drink Adjust the balance taste, cover or reduce the bitterness, adjust the sweetness to reduce the sweetness, so that the powder with oil dispersion, can stabilize the particles, to prevent browning and improve the flavor. 1–5%
Sports drinks After drinking blood sugar increased slowly, the peak is also very low, lower the time is longer, the energy to provide lasting 8—10%
Fruit juice Improve the flavor, (to improve fruit juice), to prevent discoloration, improve sweetness, cover astringency 0.5%–2%
Tea, vegetable drinks There is inhibition of green astringent taste, mask the bitter taste of the effect 1%
Milk beverages Improve the sweetness, cover the bitter taste of minerals, adjust the sour 1—3%
Soy milk Adjust the flavor, inhibit the smell of beans 2—5%
Fruit wine, sweet wine Stable nutrients, low sweetness, cover astringency, to prevent browning 2—8%

4.Rice products

NAME FUNCTION Suggest Dosage
Rice food Prevent aging hardening, keep soft and resistant to cold, keep the grain shape, inhibit rice juice spill, improve the taste, improve the flavor, inhibit the odor, inhibit Chen meters taste. By the amount of rice 1%-5%
Flour food Prevent aging, improve the taste, to prevent the string taste, to prevent the pasta juice overflow sticky By the amount of flour 1%-5%
Baking Low sweetness, to prevent aging, softening Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 10%—30%
Rice cake Improve the taste, improve the taste, low sweetness, to prevent aging, highlight the flavor Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 30%—40%

5. Seafood aquatic products

NAME FUNCTION Suggest Dosage
Livestock and poultry meat processing products Improve the freezing tolerance, protect the protein, to prevent the formation of fatty acid decomposition of meat smell 2%–8%
Aquatic products processing(Fish, surimi, fish and its finished products) Improve the freezing tolerance, protect the protein, to prevent dehydration, softening, inhibition of fish rot smell, maintain flexibility and fresh taste, to prevent aging to improve the taste, to prevent tissue atrophy 2%—8%
Grilled fish fillets Cover the fish smell, improve the taste, to prevent hardening, to maintain water activity, to prevent discoloration 2%—8%
Seasoned Seaweed To prevent moisture, improve the taste, low sweetness 5% of the seasoning solution

6. Vegetables and fruit products

NAME FUNCTION Suggest Dosage
Dried fruit Low sweetness to prevent moisture, improve the perception, rehydration quickly Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 30%
Jam Low sweetness, improved flavor Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 10%-30%
Dehydrated vegetables Excellent rehydration performance to prevent discoloration Completely replace the original as a protective agent of glucose, sorbitol, sucrose

7.  Condiment

NAME FUNCTION Suggest Dosage
Sauces Low sweetness, stable gel effect, to prevent discoloration, improve flavor Trehalose accounts for the total amount of sugar 30%
Pickle Improve the taste, maintain the flavor, keep moisture, prevent browning 0.5%–3% of the seasoning solution
Soup powder material Prevent bitter taste of some amino acids, adjust the sweetness, prevent browning, prevent starch aging, improve the dispersion of powder 1%–5%