Compound Nutrients

1. Compound nutrients—A uniform mixture of one or more micro-ingredients with diluent and/or carrier. It is also called complex nutrient supplement or complex premix. Premixes are used to facilitate uniform dispersion of the micro-ingredients in a large mix.2. Our service: Make premix according to customer’s prescription or design formula according to customer’s requirement.

3. Application:

a. Grains and grain products: flour, dried noodles, instant noodle series; biscuits, bread, snack food series; enhanced rice, rice flour and paste products.

b. Milk and dairy products: AD calcium, high calcium milk, iron zinc calcium milk and milk beverages; infant formula milk powder, adult formula milk powder series; milk tablet series; soybean milk powder and soybean milk Series

c. Beverage products: energy sports drinks, mineral water, vitamin drinks; glucose, chrysanthemum crystal and other solid beverage series.
d. Health Food: All kinds of calcium tablets and vitamin tablets; iron and zinc powder, oral liquid, capsule series.

Mineral water premix

Element Daily dosage Ingredient
Ca ≥35mg/L Calcium Lactate
Mg ≥2.5mg/L Magnesium Lactate
Zn ≥1.0mg/L Zinc Lactate
K ≥0.5mg/L Potassium Chloride
Na ≥0.5mg/L Sodium Chloride
Se ≥0.5µg/L Sodium Selenite