What is instant black tea powder?

What is instant black tea powder?

Instant black tea is a sort of tea powder that can be easily dissolved in either hot or cold water or milk to easily make a cup of tea. This is obtained by extracting liquids from fresh tea leaves or fermented ones. With our fast-paced life, instant beverages have become an inevitable requirement. Aogubio offers the best instant black tea powder i.e. black tea extract that will help you caprice your all day long caffeine need. With the aid of our modern and state of the art technologies, Aogubio being the best black tea extract manufacturers in India will offer everything for your needs.

In Western cultures when “tea” is mentioned, it’s generally Black Tea that people are talking about. Popular blends like Earl Grey and English Breakfast are made from Black Tea. So what makes it different than Green Tea? From a tasting perspective, Black Tea is bolder, richer and stronger. It actually comes from the same plant but is processed differently. Black Tea is allowed to oxidize before the tea-making process begins. Green Tea, on the other hand, is minimally oxidized. If you’re looking for a coffee alternative or just an extra boost, Black Tea is the way to go.

Instant tea solves all your tea related problems!  With instant tea you don’t have to fight with the string from the tea bag, or worry about where to put the tea bag once you are done using it.  Just scoop up an ⅛ of a teaspoon of tea powder to achieve the same great taste that comes with tea bags, minus the hassle of making it!

Aogubio created the world best tasting instant tea – a simple way to get great tea on the go. Without any compromises.

✔- 100% Natural Tea

No fillers, additives or sweeteners and are created in an FDA approved facility. It is brewed tea, not crushed leaves, crystals or synthetic instant tea.

✔ – Easy and Instant

Make a delicious cup in less than 5 seconds, in hot or cold water. We brew the tea so you don’t have to. Make tea on the go, in your office or anywhere you have water.

✔ – Natural = Good for you!

No chemicals are used in the manufacturing and our teas start as a brewed tea made from premium high-mountain tea. It still contains all of the great components that you expect from a great cup of tea (antioxidants, EGCG, L-theanine).

✔ – Get off the sugar drinks for good

3 – 4 sugar drink a day can be almost 1,000 calories. Loose weight, feel better and have more energy drinking a natural 100% pure tea that is full of antioxidants that help keep you happy.