Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

Product Description:

Folic Acid, another name Vitamin B9, CAS no.59-30-3, a water soluble B Vitamin manufactured through chemical synthesis, yellow powder. Folic acid powder has many uses: feed grade used as animal feed additives, food grade as food supplement, pharma grade used as pharmaceutical intermediates.

Analysis Description
Appearance Yellow or orange crystalline powder
Identification  Meets the requirements
Assay 97.0~102.0%
Water ≤8.5%
Residue on ignition ≤0.3%
Related compounds ≤2.0%
Microbial Analysis
Total Plate Count ≤ 250
Total Yeast & Mold ≤ 50
Coliforms ≤ 3
E. Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative


Folic Acid used in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Personal care products, Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. Folic Acid also known as Vitamin B9, is often used as a food additive in infant milk powder, it can also be used to fortify breakfast cereals and bread. The application of folic acid in pregnancy supplement, infant formula, cereals, flour, breads, pasta, cookies, and crackers.

Kosher Certified Folic Acid :

Folic Acid is general recognized as Kosher classified as Parve.

Halal Certified Folic Acid  :

Folic Acid is a B Vitamin manufactured through chemical synthesis, generally recognized as halal.

Folic Acid Gluten Free:

Folic Acid is gluten free and widely used in gluten free food to provide nutrition value to milk, oatmeal, bread and health products.