Zinc Lactate

Molecular formula: C6H10O6Zn·3H2O

Molecular weight: 297.38

CAS NO.: 16039-53-5

Appearance: white powder

Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in hot water.

Character: It is stable organic zinc salts, with good water-solubility, and easily to absorb.

Application: As Zinc nutrition enhancer, it is widely used in food, medicine, health products etc., it is the best zinc supplement in the current market.


Items Specification
Assay  % 98.0��103.0
Loss on drying  % ≤18.5
Chloride(as Cl) % ≤0.05
Sufate(as SO4²)% ≤0.05
Heavy Metals(as Pb)  % ≤0.0003
Arsenical(as As)  % ≤0.00005