Copper PCA

Item Name
Copper PCA
Blue powder

Cooper PCA is a kind of moisturizer, skin conditioning agent, oil control, water-soluble ingredients, it can inhibit the release of lipase, and achieve oil control.
Cooper PCA is a moisturizing factor that accelerates tissue repair, stimulates collagen secretion, and increases skin elasticity.

1, Super strong antioxidant, is 40 times the antioxidant performance of ordinary L-ascorbic acid.
2. Stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the skin, make elastic fibers, accelerate the repair of tissues, and increase the elasticity of the skin.
3, Moisturizing ingredients
4, Can inhibit the release of lipase, has the role of oil control.

1. Helps to repair damage to the skin protection barrier
2, Providing immediate refreshing hydration
3, Improve skin elasticity and firmness
4, Improve the skin’s gloss and gloss
5, Suitable for sunburn / erythema