Description:A new generation of cosmetic whitening agent

Deoxyarbutin is a new generation of cosmetic whitening agent, mainly used in advanced whitening cosmetics, it can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, regulate the generation of melanin, overcome pigmentation, fade the skin black spots, with a rapid and lasting skin whitening effect. Deoxyarbutin also has a strong antioxidant effect. Deoxidization arbutin on inhibition of tyrosinase Chemicalbook is superior to other whitening agent, whitening effect is arbutin 350 times, 150 times of kojic acid, hydroquinone 10 times, its security is higher and more stable, compared to the former not only non-toxic, non-irritating to skin, but also easily absorbed by skin, rarely use can present a beautiful white skin effect, is considered to be a very safe cosmetics whitening agent.

CAS: 41672-81-5

Melting point: 88-89 °C(Solv: ligroine (8032-32-4))

Boiling point: 349.8±32.0 °C(Predicted)

Density: 1.174

PKa: 10.10±0.15(Predicted)


Deoxyarbutin (deoxyarbutin) is a very effective tyrosinase inhibitor, which can block the formation of melanin in the skin.In animal skin test, deoxidization arbutin can in skin tissues effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity and melanin formation, quickly and effectively make the skin white, with different color of skin people all have different degree of whitening effect, and when to stop using the composition, effect can still maintain nearly eight weeks, deactivate the decoloring effect can be completely reversed after eight weeks, not cause permanent damage melanocytes, its effectiveness is hydroquinone 10 times, 350 times that of general ursolic acid.Therefore, as a new generation of cosmetic whitening agent, it is mainly used in advanced whitening cosmetics.The substance as an additive cosmetics have been in the United States, Taiwan and other places on the market, in the future whitening skincare market has a very broad application.In addition, in addition to whitening, it also has many other functions.As an intermediate synthesis compound, as well as synthetic liquid crystals, it can be seen

Cyclopeptide alkaloids (see figure 1 for the structural formula) is a naturally occurring compound that has been shown to be effective in calming, antibacterial and other aspects.The substance was synthesized from deoxyarbutin as a key intermediate of Shanghai organic sciences, Chinese academy of sciences.In addition, the product and water, lecithin, advanced fatty alcohol, non-ionic surfactant, etc. can form a new type of liquid crystal materials, because it has a strong skin permeability, so the compound as the main body of the liquid crystal materials to whiten the skin has a good effect

.Cyclopeptide alkaloids 结构式

  • Figure 1 shows the structural formula of Cyclopeptide alkaloids.


Security:The comparison test of various whitening surfactants shows that deoxyarbutin has the lowest cytotoxicity, and the skin desalination of this product is reversible, which is considered to be a very safe cosmetic whitening surfactant.


  • Deoxyarbutin is easy to oxidize and easy to discolor in the presence of water.
  •  Nitrogen filling;
  • Add antioxidant that can be compounded;
  • The heating temperature shall not be higher than 80℃, and it is better to add into the low-temperature phase;
  • Fully study the formula to eliminate the effect of discoloration.