Mandelic Acid

Description:In cosmetics, mandelic acid is used for acne treatment, wrinkles treatment, pre-laser and post-lser  treatment. mandelic acid is used in cleansers, face washes, moisturizers and eye-life creams.


  • Brightens Your Complexion
  • Fades Hyperpigmentation and Melasma
  • Helps Improve Acne Blemishes and Marks
  • Softens Signs of Aging


  • Start slowly, using just once per day at first and working up to twice per day if needed. Most clients introduce mandelic acid into their routine in the form of a toner or serum.
  • Skin always needs time to adjust to new skincare products, particularly exfoliants. You can expect to experience light flaking for the first few weeks, so plan to accommodate this by applying extra moisturizer during this time.
  • Mandelic serum can be applied to clean, dry skin or added to your favorite moisturizer. Sensitive skin should begin with 5% strength while normal skin, combination skin and oily skin can begin with 8% strength.
  • Most people begin to see a transformation in their skin within two weeks of regular use. For best results, we recommend purchasing a consultation so that we can help you find the perfect mandelic strength for you.

Applications:All kinds of skin care products (primarily rejuvenating, nourishing & after sun products).

Country of Origin: CN


Storage:2 years(24 months)