Giga white Powder

Description:GigaWhite is a pure plant extract, composed of 7 kinds of alpine plants: mallow extract, mint leaf extract, Primula Vulgaris extract, cloak grass extract, Veronica Americana extract, Fragrant bee flower extract, and achillea extract. It can promote cell regeneration and help repair skin barrier. It has excellent skin penetration and good skin whitening effect, effectively reducing the size of pigment and senile plaques.Skin whitening powder gigawhite powder.this treatment is formulated with 7 precious Alpine Herbal Whitening Ingredients1.Biodynamic Cellular Complex2.7 precious Alpine Herbal Whitening Ingredients.NAHANUTRI BIOTECH is one of the professional and credible High Quality EP Standard giga white powder powder for sale manufacturers, who is dedicated to produce the top quality organic products which is of great benefits to customers. If you want to know how to buy such products, welcome to contact us and we will offer you the best price.


  • Whitening
    Due to giga white powder connotation of natural whitening and whitening factors, it can penetrate into the skin to lock in moisture, repair damaged skin, restore collagen function, prevent facial wrinkles, keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic, and accelerate the metabolism of new cells. In addition, skin cells are renewed, melanin pigments are lightened, endocrine is regulated, yellow skin is reversed by reversal of aging, and pigmentation is suppressed, leaving skin white and delicate and elastic.
  •  Draw water
    giga white powder helps the skin to absorb a lot of moisture, the skin has moisture, and naturally it can maintain its elasticity and softness.
  • Remove wrinkles
    giga white powder can removes wrinkles, tightens the skin, anti-aging, and exerts greater efficacy on younger cells than younger people.
  • Acne
    giga white powder can prevent inflammation, skin irritation, growth of bacteria, promote cell metabolism and skin regeneration, relieve pain and itching, and is effective for facial paralysis, acne, allergies, and redness.

Use:Typically used at 0.1-2%.

Country of Origin: China (ISO certified factory)

Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components