Soybean Peptide Powder

Soybean Peptide Powder

Source: Soybean Meal, Soybean Protein

Content: Protein^90%, Peptide>80%


Used in food, health food.

Nutritional Value:

Soybean Peptide Powder is rich in 22 kinds of amino acids, including 9 kinds of essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by human body. Soybean peptide is a kind of small molecule substance, which can be very easily absorbed by human body. It is suitable for people with poor digestion and absorption of protein, such as middle- aged and elderly people and the poor gastrointestinal. In addition, soybean peptide also has the nutritional health value of improving immunity, quickly relieving fatigue, strengthening muscle strength, lowering blood fat, blood pressure, blood glucose, promoting fat metabolism, weight loss and other aspects.