Name: Pure Hydroquinone

Appearence: White needle crystal

Molecular Formula: C9H6O4

Molecular Weight: 110.1

Flash point:165°C

Melting Point:172°C
Boiling Point:287°C


Hydroquinone is organic compounds. Hydroquinone are two counterpoint of benzene compounds of hydrogen replaced by hydroxyl form. White crystalline. One 1 gram of hydroquinone toxic, and adult, can appear symptoms such as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, pale face. Hydroquinone in flame, high combustible.

Hydroquinone contact can react with strong oxidizer. Hydroquinone by high thermal decomposition let out poisonous gases. Hydroquinone is mainly used for making black and white contrast, anthraquinone dyes, azo dyes, rubber protective agent, stabilizer and antioxidant.


1.Hydroquinone is used primarily as a photographic developer. Hydroquinone and alkylate is widely used for monomer stored process of adding inhibitor, the concentration of the commonly used about 200 PPM.
2.And gasoline used as rubber antioxidant and so on. 
3.Processing field, the hydroquinone in closed circuit heating and cooling system of hot water and cooling water, the water side of metal corrosion effect. Hydroquinone in boiler water of deoxidizer, when the boiler water preheating oxygen adding hydroquinone, to remove residual dissolved oxygen. 
4.Made anthraquinone dyes, azo dye, and pharmaceutical raw materials. 
5.The corrosion inhibitors used as detergent, stabilizers and antioxidants, etc., are also used in cosmetics of hair dye. 
6.The photometric determination of phosphorus, magnesium, niobium, copper, silicon and arsenic, etc. Iridium polarography and capacity method. Heteropoly acid reducing agent